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should be max potential that would be the the best. >>reporter: total of 5 boys face charges in the murder. youngest is just threaten years old. >> san jose has serious gang problem but appears to be improving. new numbers show gang related homicide cases are down by nearly 43 percent in san jose from this time last year. 8 people killed in the city from january september compared with 14 in the same period last year. is is but penaltyize them if they which is to leave. that's in san jose. >> san francisco supervisor today introduced a ballot measure to place a tax on sugar drinks. supervisor scott weiner plan would tax all sugar benches at 2 cents an ounce with cost of can of soda 12 ounce can go up 24 cents. it would wrist an estimated 31 million dollars a year for health and nutrition programs in the city. but small business owners say a tax like that could hurt their sales. supervisors approve it it could go on the 2014 ballot one year from now. >> well, nearly half dozen film production from movie to television series have been shot in san francisco this yea year.
decided 19-year-old max wade stole the $200,000 car in 2011 to impress a girl. he himself testified on pomonda as we reported, he could face 30 years in prison when sentenced in december. >>> while students at a san jose school got a tough lesson on crime over the weekend a thief broke into the technology room and made off with 31 new ipads and charging stations. it's hard because the school held fundraising events for two years to buy the stuff. many families don't have computers at home. >> i feel terrible because we spent last year fundraising for it. >> it's really dif staevastatin the entire community that we lost -- it a huge amount of money. >> it really is. the laptops and ipads are valued at $70,000. that's not enough to meet the school's insurance deductible. the school is left with 30 ipads and 60 laptops for 550 students. >>> janet napolitano is making waves at president of the university of california system. she announced she will immediately allocate a total of $15 million in state funds to support undocumented students post doctor fellows and grad students. protester
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2